Cardiff House Under 100K

In the United Kingdom, the average person will buy a second house under 100k $. If you want to see the list, please click on the article UK House Under 100K.

Buying a used house is sometimes more profitable than buying a new home. You are more comfortable to know the development of the surrounding area that has already been made.

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You will also get a larger land area if you buy a second home compared to buying a new home. Also, you are also exempt from value-added tax (VAT).

Birmingham House Under 100K

Even so, buying a used house feels difficult. Like looking for a life partner, finding and getting a second home takes a long time and extra accuracy and patience. You don’t have many choices, both the number of units and the model of the house available.

There are also many extra jobs that must be done after the purchase. Many things need to be considered, such as whether the house we are looking for has fulfilled the criteria we want? Does the exterior look really represent the condition of the house as a whole?

Tips Buy Birmingham House Under 100K

In order not to regret later, consider these tips before buying a Birmingham House Under 100K:

Buy A House From The Direct Owner

The best way to buy a used home is straightforward with the owner himself or without an intermediary. Because you can get detailed information about the house, you want to buy. Besides, by buying directly, the price will be lower because the seller does not need to give a commission to the broker or intermediary.

Select The Right Broker Or Intermediary

If you are forced to buy a house through brokerage services, choose a broker that you can trust. You can request a broker property reference from your relationship. If not, you should use the services of a well-known property broker who already has good credibility.

Brokers will be very helpful when processing documents for buying and selling houses, even when applying for a mortgage if you plan to buy a house by installments to the bank.

Ask The Age Of The House Building

In simple terms, you can classify the age of a Birmingham House Under 100K, that is new (less than 10 years), medium (10 to 20 years) and old (more than 20 years). If there has been a renovation, ask when it was last renovated.

Of course, this is not a standard benchmark, because it will significantly influence the quality of building materials, the type of structure, and the quality of workmanship of the house. What is clear, the older the building, the performance will decrease. Means you have to be prepared to budget funds to renovate the house.


Consider these 3 things:

  • Transportation from the area of the house to be purchased with work or business
  • Not jammed (if possible, because if in crowded city almost all places are stuck)
  • If possible, check the location of the house several times for consideration of time and distance

Check The Physical Condition Of The House

If you want to buy a Birmingham House Under 100K please check in detail the physical condition of the house in each of its parts. If necessary, make a checklist for easier checking. It would be better if you invite contractors to assess the current condition of the house. Some of the things you should pay attention to include:

  • The shape of the house structure. Perhaps there are cracks in the foundation, walls, columns, and beams.
  • Wall. Perhaps there are spots from the groundwater seepage.
  • Floor quality. Is it still good or has the floor been cracked or cracked?
  • Check that there may be termite attacks on frames, windows, doors, ceilings, and roofs of houses.
  • Ensure that the roof structure is still in good condition. Look at maybe a porous beam, or there is a severe leak on the gutter.
  • Don’t forget to also check the condition of the electricity network at home, still good or awkward.
  • Is water quality still feasible? Also check the water network is still in good condition.
  • Feel the condition of the room. Is it fresh, moist or even hot?
  • Check The Environment Around The House

Get information about the environmental conditions around the house, especially if you want to live the house with your family. Do not let you be disappointed because it turns out that the location of the house is difficult to access, crime-prone, far from educational facilities, or often flooded.

Check The Complete House Documents

Check the authenticity of the housing certificate, the Building Construction License, the proof of the Land Building Tax (PBB) and then do a cross check on all the documents.

If it turns out the name listed there is not the same as the name of the seller of the house, ask about the status of the relationship. If he said the process has not been carried out behind the name, ask for a valid Sale and Purchase Act for the house.

For homes with inheritance status, ask how many legitimate heirs. This point is critical for you, to avoid unwanted legal problems later on.

Check Prices

Look for as much information as possible about the market price of land and houses around the location of the house so you can bid within the reasonable price range. Especially if you plan to buy the house and then sell it again.

Spend A Week To Make Choices

Spend a minimum of seven days, unless you are very familiar with the area of ​​the house. This is to be more convincing yourself before you bid because it could be as soon as you offered the price, the homeowner immediately agreed. Remember, consider carefully because you will stay there for the next 20-30 years.

Hopefully, these second home buying tips can help you in the process of buying and selling houses, huh.

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