Design Your House With This 9 Tips

Design Your House

Why you need to Design Your House? Increasingly limited land makes smaller-sized homes or often referred to as minimalist homes, becoming increasingly popular. Today, simple, minimalist homes are frequently in demand by the public.

However, that does not mean a small house is not comfortable to live in. If you know tips and tricks to make minimalist home design, it’s straightforward to make your home more attractive.

There are nine tips to Design Your House feel more comfortable, spacious and modern:

1. Design Your House With Space

Maximize Existing Space

Do not build your home that is already narrow becomes increasingly narrow by placing unnecessary items in it.

Another thing you should also consider to Design Your House is not to put too much furniture on the floor of the house.

You can try to use a wall shelf to store books rather than a table, or a TV rack attached to the wall rather than an old TV set that takes up space in your home.

2. Avoid Limiting Excessive Space

Avoid Limiting Excessive Space

Making room dividers must be considered when going to form a minimalist home design concept. All you have to remember, the room divider if installed excessively will make the house narrower.

To work around this, some rooms can be united without a wall partition and replaced with furniture with the same function, which is to become a barrier. For example, like the picture of the house above, a unique, simple shelf has provided a second function as a barrier.

3. Design Your House With Color

Using The Right Color

Painting your room with a lighter color or white will give a broad and spacious impression. Don’t use too many colors. The combination of white, light gray and wood accents is a trend nowadays.

Design a house with simple and bright colors that you might try if you want to renovate the room or if you are currently buying a new residence.

4. Use Mirror

Use Mirror

The bigger the mirror size, the better. Why? Mirrors that have reflective properties will help create optical illusions that make the room look bigger.

This will be very beneficial for your minimalist home because it is as if you will add a new place in the house.

5. Buy Unique Household Supplies

Buy Unique Household Supplies

Now there are many different types of unique furniture available, both in terms of design and color. A modern minimalist house also must have the concept of furniture or displays that have a simple, but unique form.

You can see in the picture above there is a very minimalist bird display, but it creates a different impression. You can also note the plant vase model used in the picture. So, even though it’s minimalist, you won’t feel bored.

6. Good Air Lighting And Circulation

Good Air Lighting And Circulation

If your home is facing the rising sun, it’s perfect because you can benefit from the morning sun. Besides being good for health, it can also reduce the humidity in the room. You can use full windows to get optimal benefits.

Also, the use of lighting in homes must also be sought so as not to look bleak. Use enough light in this area, so the room will feel more spacious.

Also, make sure the air circulation works appropriately to prevent your home from getting stuffy. By maximizing the use of air vents, you can also save on the use of air conditioners.

7. Attention Switching Objects

Attention Switching Objects

A large painting with interesting pictures will be the main focus of guests when they first enter the house. In addition to making your home more attractive, this will also distract guests from the cramped conditions of your home.

However, you need to remember, do not use large furniture to put on the floor, because this can take up a lot of space from your room.

8. Condition The House Always in a Clean Condition

Condition The House Always in a Clean Condition

As with the explanation above, avoid using non-essential items in your home. If it is too stacked, it will cause a complicated impression that will make the homeowner become bored and even stressed.

Pay attention to laying items by making a simple impression. Make conditions in such a way as to make it easier for you to clean the house. A clean house will make you feel happy and can avoid stress.

Then, cleaning items such as mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, soaps, and so on can also be made so that your room remains neatly arranged.

9. Sleek Staircase Design Possible

Sleek Staircase Design Possible

If your simple, minimalist home has stairs, make it as slim as possible. This will be very useful to save space in your home. It is recommended to put the ladder at the end, so it does not disturb the view and spend space in the main room.

Also, you can also design stairs with different directions, and not necessarily straight. You can do this to save space, because a straight ladder is relatively more expensive, both on the floor below and above it. The choice of L-shaped or circular stairs can be an excellent choice for you.

Simple Minimalist House

If you are thinking of having a large, beautiful and impressive big house, full of different elements, you should think again.

A small minimalist house and creative design with the following 2-room and 3-bedroom house plans will show you how to make a simple, yet impressive and comfortable modern home design.
Most people dream of large luxury minimalist homes, often over-designed with various styles, color combinations, choice of details, furniture, and so on.

However, most people can only afford to buy one house for the rest of their lives, so they will usually make every effort to get everything they desire, without realizing that they create chaos and unwanted outcomes.

Is there another way? Of course! You can ask or ask for help from experts, in this case, the architect, to realize your dreams and sketch the simple house you want. You can get a small minimalist home design with some of the benefits you get:

First, economical. The cost of designing, building and maintaining a simple house is lower than a large house.

Second, effective and efficient. Because of its small size, the interior of each room will get more sunlight, you will also get a natural, environmentally friendly atmosphere and save electricity bills.

Third, flexible. You can get open floor plans and interiors that are intimately connected.